Sunday, December 19, 2010

MAGNA GIRLS by Raechel.

Hi Again
I thought you might like to see the photos of the MAGNA Girls that my Step-Mum Raechel has painted.
BELOW: This one Raechel calls "Raechel", 'cause she looks like Raechel!
Below: The Fairy!
BELOW: This girl is weilding a sword; so LOOK OUT!

Dad say's Raechel annoy's him, because she can paint this good straight away, and he's been painting for 33 years and can't paint as good as Raechel.

Cold Ones (and their Nemesis)!

A quick addition to my Blog.
Above is a photo of about half of my COLD ONE KNIGHTS!
I'll have more photos othe the rest of them soon on my Blog.
Below is a Knight who is fighting a Dragon. Dad painted the model about 5 years ago.
He thinks it's a cool model. The knight is Saint George, and the Dragon has pinned down his horse.
Who will will the battle!?

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

We've Almost Finished My HAG SORCERESS!

Hi All
Some more pictures of WIP of my Hag Sorceress on a Dark Pegasus. I'm still think of a name for her. Her stats are:
The Hag Sorceress

The Hag5543336310
Dark Pegasus840443436
Magic:The Hag is a Level 4 Wizard and knows all if the spells from the Lore of Dark Magic.
Mount:Dark Pegasus.
Equipment:Hand weapon.
Special Rules:Eternal Hatred; Druchii Sorcery;Thousand and One Dark Blessings; Enchanting Beauty; The First Sorceress.

Above and Below: Dad has finished painting her and the Pegasus, and has 'Dipped' the model. I'm not sure if I want to spray the model with the 'Anti-shine' varnish, or leaves as is (with maybe a semi-gloss varnish for protection). We also need to add a little "something" to the base. We painted her hair to match the Witch Unit I have.

Please feel free to make comment, or even suggest some names for the Hag and the Dark Pegasus!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


ABOVE: My Hydra "Madusa" and the two beastmaster that control her, (or try to control her).
BELOW: My Hag for the Cauldron Of Blood

Here are some pictures of some Work In Progress (WIP) of two new units in my DARK ELF Army.
Dad is doing the Dark Pegasus, but we both did all the other stuff.
I put in the block colours, and Dad did the highlights and Dipping.

The picture below is of my DARK PEGASUS with a Supreme Sorceress riding.
Dad undercoated in MATT BLACK, then higlighted with a mix of Charcoal Black and Flesh. Hooves are Red and horns and "Claws" sticking out from the wings are base coat of "Linen" with a highlight of "White". The Supreme Sorceres' hair is Red, White, Black and Blue, (which matches the hair colour of my Witch Unit above) which I'll post pictures of the other 10 Witches later).

Below is my "Cauldron Of Blood"

I'll post more pics as soon as the battery on the Camera re-charges!
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Giant!

ABOVE: A close up of my 2nd Giants club that's in his right hand!
Just another update.
Dad painted another Giant for me. I need to think of a name,..

He is a Game's Workshop Giant. Dad bought him 2nd hand, and did a bit of a repaint and re-build.
We replaced both hands with club like weapons. Originaly he was swinging some brickwork, but my other Giant was already doing that, so we used the left over weapons from my 1st giant.
This guy looks cool I think,..
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Greenskins V Dark Elves! I WIN!

BELOW: One of Dad's Ork Regiments on the march!

Hi All
Dad and I had a HUGE game with my Goblins and Orks against my DARK ELVES.
Dad played with the Greenskins, and I used the Dark Elves.
I won after my Bolt Shooters blasted Dad's Sharman off the top of the stong hold and my Sorceress seriously hurt one of his giants.
Then his Goblin Regiments charged my Dark Elf spearman, (but the gobbos got hammered!).
Here are some pictures from the game:
Below. My Dark Elf army arrayed for battle!

Below: The Green Skin host!
Below: Two units of Goblin spears running away. Only one Goblin Regiment fights on.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Almost done!

My Goblin Fanatics awaiting to be unleashed, behind my Spearmen.

Today my dad and I did some painting of my spider riders (above), we also worked on my goblin banner. Dad did some grouting (base material), on my goblin war boss and I did my spider riders feathers, then we dicided to have a game. We had a battle with his Empire and Dwarfs vs my Orcs and Goblins.

Dad used Byzantines (again) for the Empire Spearmen, and we havn't painted the Dwarves yet.

The battle was lot's of fun, and ended in a draw, with my Giant and Goblin Spearmen winning one flank against dad's Dwarves and Artillery. On the other flank dad won with his Wizard and Empire Spearmen against my Black Orks and Goblin Archers. My Goblin Fanatics did a fair bit of damage though,...

We will have another game soon.

BELOW: My Night Goblin Sharman. I use two "fireballs" in the game. One at the Dwarf Miners and one at the Dwarf Cannon! Both did a lot of damage!

BELOW: My Giant smashing up the Dwarf Cannon! WAAAGGGGGGGHHH!!!!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Gobbos and Giant go to War

Hi All
Dad and I thought we'd have a game with My Giant and other miniatures I painted.
We played two quick games of Warhammer, but simplified the rules a bit. We used some of Dad's Byzantines to play against, as I don't have all my Dwarves painted yet.
Above we see a picture of my Giant attacking Dad's Byzantine Spearmen. We used the "Empire" characteristics for the "Busy people".
In the photo below we see what happend after a round of combat,... "Run away! Run away,.."!

Here are two photos of my Gobbos.

Both are 20 gobbo stong units, but in the bottom photo the gobbos have taken some hits from Dwarf Thunderer Handgunners!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Games Workshop GIANT!

Hi Everyone.
Here is some pictures of my Giant that Dad and I made and painted.
Dad put it together and then I painted him. Dad then painted the Cow and the bag of Hobbits he's going to have for lunch, and then glued them on to his belt.
Dad then covered him with an ARMY PAINTER Strong Shade. That made him look really cool I think.
I like the human that's running away!

Here is a picture of the human running away:
"Arrrrrrrr,.. Look out, there's a GIANT about"!
I'll call him Stampy.

Thanks for looking at my GIANT!