Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Games Workshop GIANT!

Hi Everyone.
Here is some pictures of my Giant that Dad and I made and painted.
Dad put it together and then I painted him. Dad then painted the Cow and the bag of Hobbits he's going to have for lunch, and then glued them on to his belt.
Dad then covered him with an ARMY PAINTER Strong Shade. That made him look really cool I think.
I like the human that's running away!

Here is a picture of the human running away:
"Arrrrrrrr,.. Look out, there's a GIANT about"!
I'll call him Stampy.

Thanks for looking at my GIANT!


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  2. Excellent job Hayley, congrats to you and your Dad on a good collaborative effort.

    I particularly like the attention to detail with the base, the chains, the "fleeing human" and your good choice of colours.

    Nice work. If you'd like to showcase your painting on our forum, feel free to join, we now have 480+ forum member Warhammer miniature pics in the slideshow and everyone is welcome to join us:-

    Warhammer Battle Reporter Forum

    my Warhammer blog
    my 170+ Battle Reports hub

  3. Hi Sigmar
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Dad say's I can check it out.
    Thanks again!