Monday, March 8, 2010

Gobbos and Giant go to War

Hi All
Dad and I thought we'd have a game with My Giant and other miniatures I painted.
We played two quick games of Warhammer, but simplified the rules a bit. We used some of Dad's Byzantines to play against, as I don't have all my Dwarves painted yet.
Above we see a picture of my Giant attacking Dad's Byzantine Spearmen. We used the "Empire" characteristics for the "Busy people".
In the photo below we see what happend after a round of combat,... "Run away! Run away,.."!

Here are two photos of my Gobbos.

Both are 20 gobbo stong units, but in the bottom photo the gobbos have taken some hits from Dwarf Thunderer Handgunners!


  1. I like your giant and Gobbo's. Very nicely painted too.

  2. Thanks!
    Dad and I painted them together.
    We're working on Goblin Spider riders and Black Orks next.