Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Almost done!

My Goblin Fanatics awaiting to be unleashed, behind my Spearmen.

Today my dad and I did some painting of my spider riders (above), we also worked on my goblin banner. Dad did some grouting (base material), on my goblin war boss and I did my spider riders feathers, then we dicided to have a game. We had a battle with his Empire and Dwarfs vs my Orcs and Goblins.

Dad used Byzantines (again) for the Empire Spearmen, and we havn't painted the Dwarves yet.

The battle was lot's of fun, and ended in a draw, with my Giant and Goblin Spearmen winning one flank against dad's Dwarves and Artillery. On the other flank dad won with his Wizard and Empire Spearmen against my Black Orks and Goblin Archers. My Goblin Fanatics did a fair bit of damage though,...

We will have another game soon.

BELOW: My Night Goblin Sharman. I use two "fireballs" in the game. One at the Dwarf Miners and one at the Dwarf Cannon! Both did a lot of damage!

BELOW: My Giant smashing up the Dwarf Cannon! WAAAGGGGGGGHHH!!!!

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  1. I really like your spider colors!

  2. The deep red "hoodies" on the Gobo spearmen sets of their Goblin green flesh nicely. Well done taking down dad's flank :-)


  3. Nice job! Great color choices - as the Brigadier said - sets off the green. Also the skull standard - looks great!

  4. Fantastic job! I wish I would have had such a good early start on this hobby. I love the spider riders! The giant is great too. Keep up the good work!

  5. Very good! my girls are grown, and still won't paint.