Sunday, June 13, 2010

Greenskins V Dark Elves! I WIN!

BELOW: One of Dad's Ork Regiments on the march!

Hi All
Dad and I had a HUGE game with my Goblins and Orks against my DARK ELVES.
Dad played with the Greenskins, and I used the Dark Elves.
I won after my Bolt Shooters blasted Dad's Sharman off the top of the stong hold and my Sorceress seriously hurt one of his giants.
Then his Goblin Regiments charged my Dark Elf spearman, (but the gobbos got hammered!).
Here are some pictures from the game:
Below. My Dark Elf army arrayed for battle!

Below: The Green Skin host!
Below: Two units of Goblin spears running away. Only one Goblin Regiment fights on.

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