Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Giant!

ABOVE: A close up of my 2nd Giants club that's in his right hand!
Just another update.
Dad painted another Giant for me. I need to think of a name,..

He is a Game's Workshop Giant. Dad bought him 2nd hand, and did a bit of a repaint and re-build.
We replaced both hands with club like weapons. Originaly he was swinging some brickwork, but my other Giant was already doing that, so we used the left over weapons from my 1st giant.
This guy looks cool I think,..
Please leave any comments you wish.


  1. Where you at Haley!? I have been waiting for an update on your orcs and goblins! My lizardmen read your blog and they miss your updates!!!

  2. Hayley will add some more pictures soon,..
    (Hayley's Dad)