Tuesday, October 19, 2010


ABOVE: My Hydra "Madusa" and the two beastmaster that control her, (or try to control her).
BELOW: My Hag for the Cauldron Of Blood

Here are some pictures of some Work In Progress (WIP) of two new units in my DARK ELF Army.
Dad is doing the Dark Pegasus, but we both did all the other stuff.
I put in the block colours, and Dad did the highlights and Dipping.

The picture below is of my DARK PEGASUS with a Supreme Sorceress riding.
Dad undercoated in MATT BLACK, then higlighted with a mix of Charcoal Black and Flesh. Hooves are Red and horns and "Claws" sticking out from the wings are base coat of "Linen" with a highlight of "White". The Supreme Sorceres' hair is Red, White, Black and Blue, (which matches the hair colour of my Witch Unit above) which I'll post pictures of the other 10 Witches later).

Below is my "Cauldron Of Blood"

I'll post more pics as soon as the battery on the Camera re-charges!
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  1. Looks great! Glad to see you put up a post!!! I look forward to your next battle report.