Saturday, November 27, 2010

We've Almost Finished My HAG SORCERESS!

Hi All
Some more pictures of WIP of my Hag Sorceress on a Dark Pegasus. I'm still think of a name for her. Her stats are:
The Hag Sorceress

The Hag5543336310
Dark Pegasus840443436
Magic:The Hag is a Level 4 Wizard and knows all if the spells from the Lore of Dark Magic.
Mount:Dark Pegasus.
Equipment:Hand weapon.
Special Rules:Eternal Hatred; Druchii Sorcery;Thousand and One Dark Blessings; Enchanting Beauty; The First Sorceress.

Above and Below: Dad has finished painting her and the Pegasus, and has 'Dipped' the model. I'm not sure if I want to spray the model with the 'Anti-shine' varnish, or leaves as is (with maybe a semi-gloss varnish for protection). We also need to add a little "something" to the base. We painted her hair to match the Witch Unit I have.

Please feel free to make comment, or even suggest some names for the Hag and the Dark Pegasus!


  1. Nice Haley! That will be a formidable wizard to face off against!