Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dark Elves Victory!

ABOVE: My Dark Elf "Cold One Knights" They turned out do be a bit of a dissapointment!
Hi All
Here is an 'After Action Report' (AAR) of a game I had with my dad. I ran Dark Elves and he used ORKS.
BELOW: My Dark Elf army deployed.

The Battle we decided on was about 2500 points each. I used my Dark Elves, and dad used an Ork / Goblin army.
It was pretty much a 'up the guts, ding dong stoush', with dad displaying the only Tactical manouver; trying to outflank me with a unit of Goblin Spider riders.
BELOW: Dad's Greenskins prepare for battle!

BELOW: Dad's Giant 'Red Daks' Leads the charge!
I fire my Reaper bolt shoot at the Spider Riders trying to outflank me. I fire a Six Shot volley,... and get ONE hit!

Meanwhile, my Dark Elf Warrior Crossbowmen shoot at the hoard of gobbos attacking my center (see below):

Before long it was hand to hand stuff!

BELOW: The Executionors see off the Orks, but the Witchs are taking a beating from the BLACK ORKS!

What's worse, is the Gobbos break the Crossbows, and then cut them down in pursuit! YIKES!!
Next turn though, I wheel the Excutionors into the flank of the BLACK ORKS and chop them to pieces!

Now the Witch King attacks!

Scratch one Giant!

My massive 45 figure strong Dark Elf Warrior Spearman unit was able to defeat the 40 strong Ork 'Big'uns' on the other flank before the Spider Riders could get on to my flank. At this point Dad conceded, and it was off to the kitchen for ice cream; HUZZAH!
Bye for now!


  1. Great fight! Really nicely painted models too. Wish I could pit my Lizardmen against you're Dark Elves.